Our Honorees

Kimberlea Karper, MSN, RN

Assistant Nurse Manager, NICU

Maimonides Medical Center

A Maimonides nurse for 10 years, Kimberlea (Kim) Karper currently serves as Assistant Nurse Manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Maimonides Children’s Hospital. Kim began her practice as a registered nurse in the NICU after graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Wagner College on Staten Island. She chose this area of clinical specialty as a new graduate nurse to live a dream: attain the knowledge and expertise required to care for critically ill infants and their families in a world-class Level III NICU.


Kim’s professional trajectory at Maimonides demonstrates a firm and unwavering commitment to living her dream.  An innovator, master clinician, and preceptor of new NICU nurses, she has assumed the leadership for numerous initiatives aimed at improving the patient care of critically ill infants - Kangaroo or Skin-to-Skin Care, which fosters comfort and well-being in low-birthweight pre-term babies; complex respiratory care management of premature newborns; and protocols of developmental care to support achievement of patient satisfaction goals as well as developmental outcomes. Kim always leads by example, and was a leader of the planning group which designed and implemented a city-wide drill and evacuation plan for NICU patients in 2014.  She presented the findings of this inter-professional work both at local and regional research and professional conferences, including the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN).


Kim completed her Master of Science degree in Nursing from Wagner in 2011, where she currently serves as Adjunct Clinical Professor in Pediatric Nursing.  In 2017, she was appointed Assistant Nurse Manager of the NICU with responsibility for leading nursing practice and patient care operations for the Maimonides 31-bed Level III NICU.  A recipient of multiple awards, Kim was recognized for her clinical knowledge and acumen in 2015 with the Maimonides Clinical Excellence Award and the 2016 Star Award.